What we stand for?
S in Swat W in sWat A in swAt T in swaT

Six Sigma methodology combined with Lean principles and tools


We believe that process improvements and the fixing of broken processes can be delivered within a short time frame by dedicating the right combination of experts and the support of relevant stakeholders.

In our custom-made solution we use the combination of Lean philosophy and Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. Throughout the past years we adapted these methodologies for the European management culture and developed the SwatSigma and the LeanSwat concepts.

Waste elimination: reducing the non-value added activities in your process

With our LeanSwat concept we offer improvement cycles -with a duration of 30 days- that focus on waste elimination by using Lean tools adapted to your backoffice.

Applicable solutions

We deliver solutions with no or minimal IT enhancement. This approach ensures the fastest and most cost-efficient improvements. We not only give you an advice but also lead the implementation of the improvement and take the accountability for the results.

Training and coaching

In order to achieve sustainable improvements, we provide training and coaching to our partners, enabling them to continuously improve their processes. We adjust our mentoring and coaching program to be in line with the process management and improvement program of our partners.

We provide personalized mentoring which best fit your business agenda.

We deliver: Six Sigma, Swatsigma and LeanSwat trainings.

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